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Apartments with traditional character
at Fri Kassos, Dodecanese


to the traditional apartments Angelica's in Kassos!

Angelica's apartments located next to the renovated old house of the family which is a Monument of local architecture with the traditional  Dodecanese pebbled courtyard , makes you travel back in time and promise  relaxation  and  tranquility.  You  can  enjoy  magnificent  views of the blue sea till the next island and   

get drunk with the scent of the island. To cheer up the Kassos hospitality to Taste local recipes, walk the beautiful streets, swim in the exotic beaches of armathia !

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Angelica's apartments
Δείτε τα δωμάτια Angelica
Τα δωμάτια Angelica

The mansion has 4 apartments for 2 to 5 people

Apartments Angelica's created with great care, offer guests a comfortable and pleasant stay. Maintaining a very elegant and traditional style, giving space for the creation of four bright room that combines authenticity and comfort.

Each apartment is a place of high style with painted floors, traditional furnishings and yperchocha while fully equipped with kitchen, bathroom, air condition and television, for use in winter and summer.
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Διαμερίσματα Angelica's στην Κάσο
The Angelica's apartments are located in Fri Kassos, the main port of the island.

Kassos, the most southern island of the Dodecaneses, is a serene and welcoming islet, which is among the least populated of the group. It covers an area of 62 square kilometres its population is around 1000 residents. It is an island with many mountains and small valleys which are watered by rivulets, full of olives, fig trees and impressive caves.